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Bioprinter to Heal Deep Wound

Scientists Engineer Handheld Bioprinter that Can Print Skin to Heal Deep Wounds with Patient’s...

Bioprinters are becoming enormously popular in healthcare where they can be used to print various organs of the human body. Now, researchers at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) have created another innovative bioprinter that can be used to heal wounds. The first of its kind handheld bioprinter allows bi-layered skin to be printed […]
Smart bandages heal wounds

This Smart Bandage Can Monitor Wounds and Deliver Drugs As Needed

After a doctor bandages the wound of a patient, the only way they can monitor the health of the wound is when time comes to replace the bandage. In this time of wearable technology when so many things are constantly monitored, you may wonder why is it so hard to monitor a wound? Well, it […]