WT | Wearable Technologies Conference ASIA

You are looking for the best Wearable Technologies Event in Tokyo, Japan?

Join the most profound Wearable Technologies Conference worldwide in Singapore!

The 30th edition of the globally established WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Series is THE must attend event for all decision makers in the industry. The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 ASIA in Singapore will guide you through the current status of the wearable market presenting a thrilling conference program, an extensive conference exhibition and networking opportunities with the Who’s Who of the entire WT ecosystem. See what’s next in AI, AR & VR, sensor tech, connectivity, energy solutions, and smart products (hearables, glasses, watches, activity trackers, implants, pills, patches). More information will follow soon.


The wearable technology market continues to grow and is estimated to be worth about $80 billion annually by 2020, representing the smart textile industry as the fastest growing sector (Juniper Research). It´s a fact that wearable technology is influencing our everyday lifes in a way never seen before – it´s here to live smarter, easier and even healthier. Take part in two days of innovation and excitement with breakthrough technology leaders, disrupters and worldwide leading start-ups demonstrating how wearable technology is changing the game. The event will help you set your focus and give guidance for your business and strategy. Pre-register now.

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