Wearable Technologies Conference 2013 USA Testimonials

[quote author=”Canice Wu” firm=”Plug and Play Tech Center”]I found the wearable technology conference to be a great way to see leading trends and innovation in wearable technologies. There are many ways how wearable technologies can impact our lives and businesses, and the conference brought thought leaders together from around the world.[/quote]

[quote author=”Michael Emerson” firm=”Preventice”]Health care providers and patients will benefit significantly in the coming years from innovations in wearable technology, such as remote patient monitoring. The Wearable Technologies Conference is a unique opportunity to meet the leaders in wearable devices, software development and programming, remote monitoring, health care and consumer trends, and to stay one step ahead in your understanding of the industry.[/quote]

[quote author=”Zoltan Istvan ” firm=”Visionary author and former journalist for the National Geographic Channel”]I thought the conference was lots of fun, and I felt like it was a big success. Congratulations. I’ll look forward to next year. Thanks again.[/quote]

[quote author=”Will Whittow” firm=”Loughborough University”]The conference was amazing! So many brilliant people, brilliant technical solutions to real world problems.[/quote]

[quote author=”Billie Whitehouse” firm=”Wearable Experiments”]The Wearable Technologies Conference 2013 has created an abundance of opportunities for myself and WEARABLE EXPERIMENTS to connect with the major players in the wearable space. We are looking forward to creating great aesthetics for these inspired technologies. Thank you for having me.[/quote]

[quote author=”Shaun Rahimi” firm=”Thimble Bioelectronics”]The two WT conferences I’ve attended so far have been a lot of fun. I’ve noticed a very open community of entrepreneurs, executives and other tech-evangelists freely exchanging ideas and these interactions have been super helpful to accelerating the development of Thimble Bioelectronics. Christian, Johanna and the rest of the organizing team are obviously committed and passionate about advancement of Wearable technology and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of these events. Thanks![/quote]

[quote author=”Tanya Vlach ” firm=”Eyetanya.com”]Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my story about building an augmented prosthetic eye-camera. Met a lot of great people and feeling encouraged.[/quote]

[quote author=”Simon Randall” firm=”Autographer”]The great and the good of the wearable technology market were out in full force, the hardware revolution is coming and it’s sensor driven, connected and will be making a marked impact on the richness and empowerment of all our lives in the not too distant future.[/quote]

[quote author=”Eric Dy” firm=”imec”]The ever increasing number of companies both big and small (i.e. Flextronics and AiQ) building out the supply chain around wearable technologies is a positive sign of a nascent but still maturing market. The WT Conference in San Francisco was a fantastic venue for gaining insight into the trajectory and emerging players within the wearable space.[/quote]

[quote author=”Richard Dym” firm=”SIIA”]The Wearable Technology Conference is a must-attend event if you want to stay on top of the new technologies that will drive the growth of this new exciting multi-billion dollar industry as well as network with its key players.[/quote]

[quote author=”Manu Prakash” firm=”Stanford University”]I enjoyed the conference.[/quote]

[quote author=”James Iliff” firm=”Project Holodeck”]In a way what’s really happening is we’re witnessing the emergence of a new entertainment medium altogether, with fundamentally different rules and vocabulary. Right now it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Developers and technologists are already inventing new ways to describe the VR medium, with new theories for interaction, game design, and storytelling – all across the board.[/quote]

[quote author=”Rob Royea” firm=”First Warning Systems”]Thank you once again for your invitation to the Wearable Tech Conference, here in San Francisco. The conference was one of the more impressive, and focused meetings I have attended in some time. The participants were well informed, and the collaboration very valuable for our upcoming product launch. I am now connected to over 15 participants from your meeting through First Warning Systems and LinkedIn. Excellent work![/quote]

[quote author=”Andy Cheng” firm=”ViviTouch”]The recent Wearable Technologies conference managed to assemble such a diverse, relevant panel of speakers expanding our perspective on the wearable market. The conference was also an amazing networking opportunity allowing us to connect with several companies who are interested in ViviTouch’s solution. We look forward to next year’s conference and seeing how the market has grown.[/quote]

[quote author=”Daniel Matte” firm=”Canalys”]Thanks for the opportunity. Great speakers![/quote]

[quote author=”Barnaby Jackson” firm=”Machine Hero”]Great Conference. Future Vision and possibility with current reality as well. [/quote]