WT | Picnic Organizer 2017

Organize a WT | Wearable Technologies Picnic in Your City!

Help gathering wearable tech lovers in local hubs to share conversations and ideas. Organizers from around the globe host a picnic in their city. Each organizer is a volunteer that plans a place and time on the day of the event and has specific duties to fulfill, please see below for the entire list.

To Do’s for Organizers:

  • Defining a suitable space and time within the local area for attendees to meet and greet. The space should either be for free or sponsored by a suitable partner (contact us if you are unsure what a suitable partner might be). WT will not cover any costs but can recommend potential sponsors. Please make sure that there are no legal issues in your area with regards to number of people attending the gathering.
  • Invite people from your local community that are working, experimenting, or buying wearable products, IoT, or enabling tech. These people will join you for a fun and insightful gathering within your city. WT will support you with a communication package including (an invite, a banner and our logo files) to facilitate the invitation process.
  • You can also organize a small speaking program with local heroes from the wearables field. This sometimes helps to attract attendees for the event.#
  • Please share your contact details: Name, organization, headshot photo, and contact email address. We will prepare an Eventbrite page for you that you can share with people you plan to invite to facilitate the registration process for you.
  • The overall activity around WT | picnic is a volunteer endeavor. You may not use your event to make money but you can have a sponsor covering your potential expenses – in kind sponsoring is preferred.
  • Inform attendees that everyone should treat the picnic like a potluck. You can of course organize for sponsored catering if you want but this is not a must.
  • Organizers are asked to share the list of attendees with WT after the event and a few pictures, or a short video for our after event coverage.
  • As a Thank You for organizing, WT will provide all organizers with a complimentary conference pass to one of the infamous WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences in the season of 2017 of the organizers choice.

If you have any questions please contact us here.