Summer is coming! Wearables to lose weight

There are many reasons to be willing to lose weight. Maybe, you want to get ready for the Munich marathon in October. You also want to lose weight to feel fitter and have more energy. Or maybe you want to be at your best for this summer. Anyway, here are the wearables that can help you reaching your goals with fun!

Combine smart watch + smart scale + Calorie tracking app

Fitbit – Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Smart watch for Sport and Fitness lay on the assumption, that tracking the activity is motivating for the user. Indeed, you use your watch and your app as a coach. At the end of your effort, you will be rewarded for reaching your 30 000 steps! Making fitness become a game, where you earn badges and can compete with friends. And this is what will keep you motivated every day.

Wearables are tracking your physical activity by many features: tracking your physical data as your heart rate thanks to a built-in OLED (organic light-emitting diode) laying on your skin, your steps or distance walked. By using the physical data that you have entered into the app as your current weight, your age and your height, the app calculates how much calories you have burnt and how intense your effort was. Thus, your app can give you an estimation of the weight you have lost.

Instead of entering yourself all the data during your diet, smartwatches brand offer you to combine it with a smart scale, so you can actively track your weight variation, your body fat percentage and Body Mass Indicator (BMI).


Tracking your eating habits


Another way to track your food, without wearing anything is to track it from your pan! This IoT pan is a perfect accessory for your smartwatch like the smart scales. Combined with an app, describe the ingredients you are adding to the pan out loud and the app will tell you how many calories your meal will be made of.

This app is not only a fitness coach, but also a cooking one! Choose a recipe and the device will tell you what to do and if you do it right. The sensors measure your inputs and give you feedbacks: “Beware the temperature!”. Besides, you can share with the Smartypans community pictures of your meal and your progress. Finally, the smartypans can be synchronize with a FitBit smartwatch and measure your calories inputs.

The modular device can be used also as a backing pan, since the cooking surface is detachable. No woories, you can safely put it in the dishwasher. Rechargeable Li-Po Battery, weight and temperature sensor, Atmel powered BLE 4.0 chip are making your pan smart.

The Smartypans is not commercialized yet, but you can preorder it on this website. Follow Smartypans to be innovator of the year in the IoT Innovation World Cup in Barcelona, the 1st of March!


Stimulating Fitness Clothes

Steelman power

No rest for the wicked fat and the “weak” muscles! Steelman Powerpants with Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) will make work more muscles of your body. When your practising, you are focused only on a part of your muscles. This smart clothes composed of electrodes will train other muscles you could use in our training. Thus, your injured muscle is not being overstretching by your workout exercise, but it is relieved by the passive training of other muscles. The EMS helped athletes as Bruce Lee to recover from injuries and build rapidly muscles.

The Steelman power offers you to train muscles without any efforts or thinking. You don’t need to hire a coach, just to wear a sport suit. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology give an electric impulse, which goes from an electrode applied on your skin to your muscles. The electric signal activates then your muscle as your nerve would do it naturally. Therefore, you only feel the contraction of the muscle and not the safe electric signal.

Different prototypes exist from professional to the home one, that fit under your everyday clothes. Close to the body, the suit is flexible and cable free. A small controller and built-in pads with the electrodes are attached to the suit. You can control it from your smartphone, tablet or computer. is The Steelman Powerpant can be easily used at any time, not only into the gym. It works especially on your bottom, tummy and thighs to get them firmer and get your articulations stronger.

Still you will have to wait for the commercialization of the Steelman powergear, still on a kickstarter campaign.

This is not the first time we talk about EMS, here we also saw that other  companies were also using EMS for faster muscle recovery.


Motivational Smart Coaches

Oakley Radar Pace glasses

Radar Pace is a real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment. The frames have removable earphones, three microphones and numerous internal sensors. We’re talking an accelerometer, gyroscope, humidity sensor and even a barometer all of this to guide you better. You can also pair the glasses with a myriad of further sensors including power meters, foot pods, heart rate monitor, and speed and cadence sensors via Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity. This not only ups the data feedback but also highlights its intended use for both cycling and running. The hub for all this data is your smartphone, via the dedicated Oakley Radar Pace app (iOS/Android). It gives you individual sessions based on the four performance parameters of strength, stamina, speed and technique, balancing harder workouts with recovery workouts, and harder weeks with the occasional recovery week. This information is then conveyed to the Radar Pace so that when you ask what your workout is for that day, the technology responds.


Vi is an AI personal trainer who lives in advanced, bio-sensing earphones. Each day, it tracks you, gets smarter, and coaches you to real results. Vi will help you meet your weight goals and improve your training. The device coaches you through your runs and helps you keep pace, reflects your heart rate and stats in real time and adapts real-time training based on your physiology. It comes with an iOS & Android app for use both during and off training. During a workout, the app provides you with progress feedback and outside of workouts you can use the app to set your training plans, review progress, and customize Vi.