WT Innovation World Cup 2017 – Interview with Ken Iwasaki, H2L

Winner WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2017 – category Gaming & Lifestyle

With Unlimited hand, the H2L is the winner of our Gaming & Lifestyle category in the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. The Unlimited Hand translates real hand and finger movements of VR player into virtual environments and the other way around. Thus, the player can interact and feel objects of a game. You just have to wear the Unlimited Hand on your forearm and the motion sensor will track your movements and the Electric Muscle Stimulation device will stimulate your muscles to give you feedback sensations from the game.

A month after the award ceremony, Ken Iwasaki, CEO of H2L, shared with us how significant this award was to the Japanese company H2L:


  • How does it feel to be the winner of the Gaming & Lifestyle category of the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup?

Glad as we were to be a finalist, we couldn’t believe it when we were announced as the Winner. Since other finalists in the Gaming & Lifestyle category did brilliantly as well, we look forward to maintaining our competitive advantage in the market.

  • How will Unlimited Hand change our lives? Promote your product in 3 lines.

With UnlimitedHand, not only can wearers manipulate the digital world with input gestures, they can also experience haptic feedback from the digital realm. UnlimitedHand makes it possible for us to effortlessly engage and interact with the digital world.

As user interfaces make a shift from GUI to VR, UnlimitedHand facilitates the development of  intuitiveinteractions surpassing even the touch panel.

  • Would you recommend other companies take part in the Innovation World Cup? If so, why?


The products presented by the finalists were all top notch. We got to know some of the most courteous entrepreneurs from all around the world!

  • What are the next important milestones for Unlimited Hand?

We announced our partnership with Arduino atHeart in WT2017. As of now, the device targets developers and hackers.

In order to expand our reach to consumers, we are aiming to enrich our selection of compatible content.

More information about Unlimited Hand on this website.
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