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Considering the numerous new wearables that have been released lately it was only a matter of time before our best friends got their own. Having covered this topic on a broader scale already in 2012 we felt that it was time for an update as these products are now getting ready for the market.

If it happens that you want your doggy to be as trendy and fit as you, there are several smart options you can choose from:

For tracking your pet activity, tech-savvy pet brand Whistle developed an activity monitor which allows dog owners to keep tabs on their pets, and monitor the amount of exercise, play and rest they get on a daily basis. The device attaches to your dog’s collar, collecting data on activity throughout the day via a three-axis accelerometer. You can evaluate the data in full length via Whistle’s mobile app. The app also allows you to set an activity goal and leave comments on data points, and to share them with friends via text, email, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you can snap pics of your dog, write notes in the food diary, or note medications your dog is taking, which will all show up in the feed of the day.

Another smart solution comes from Fitbark, which is a wireless activity monitor that can track activity levels, naps, daily progress and enables you to share this data with friends and family, your vet, and even shows  their progresses against yours.  The product also includes breed-specific guidelines so you can see where your dog stands compared to the other dogs.

Voyce Dog collar is a smart collar created by a team up of biomedical engineers, dog experts, and a veterinary institution. Voyce measures key vital signs including heart rate and respiratory rate, along with other wellness indicators such as activity, rest and calories burned. With all this data you are able to see trends in your dog’s behavior. You will also receive customized tips, advice and relevant articles which will help you to understand how your dog is feeling, thinking and behaving.

A tech startup came up with another smart pet collar, which features a GPS tracker and calculates calories burned. Ridogulous Labs, also released an app that provides insights, trends, tips and tricks. The company is currently trying to develop the collar which is planned to be available in fall 2014.

An Italian company, also known for their I’m Watch products, has come up with a mash-up of a GPS module and GSM radio. The result is the I´m Tracer, a wristband that can be worn as a pet collar. To track the location of your pet  the I’m Tracer uses GSM to triangulate the position before getting a lock with GPS and then reports that position to the app running on a smartphone or a PC. You can also set geo fences, which will alert your dog leaves the set boundary, or set a timer that will alert you every five to 15 minutes. The I’m Tracer is expected to be available in June.

And there are other activity trackers for animals on the market like the tagg from the Pet Tracker. The device, tracks the daily activity and can differentiate between running, snoozing, walking and sniffing. Thanks to the company app you will be able to see the total hours of exercise and check if your pet leaves your pre-defined safe zone by simply looking at the tagg map. The lightweight pet tracker attaches to your dog’s existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming. It basically turns your existing collar into a gps collar.

Looking for a dogsitter? Then Puppy might be a great device for you. It is a pet- friendly, small, comfy and water resistible wireless unit paired with an app which will tell you when your dog is about to go beyond the safety range you set. You can also invite family and friends to keep an eye on your pet. The company behind this technology is called BeLuvv.

Last but not least there is Otto PetCare Systems. The company has also developed a tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar, collecting complete data on activity. Connected wirelessly to the company’s cloud services, the device compares this data with your pet’s specific breed and age, letting you know whether your pet gets enough exercise and provide feeding advice. The activity tracker can also be paired with a food dispenser which uses live data to recalculate the exact quantity of food your pet needs based on its calorie expenditure. At the tap of a finger you can command the system to dispense food to your pet. Plus you can access the dispenser’s secure webcam link to make sure everything is ok when you are not at home. You can even remotely activate the dispenser’s microphone and trigger its loudspeaker to hear your pet and talk to it during its meal.

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