Wearables for Rehabilitation, Health Monitoring, First Responders and Conception

Only a few days left until MEDICA, the worldwide leading trade show in the medical sector, opens the doors for about 130,000 international visitors. Our 27 co-exhibitors will cover a vibrant variety of health related topics in hall 15 A23. Like announced in our previous articles, here is part 3 of our exhibitor overview. Rehabilitation, solutions for first-aider, health monitoring, and conception are all topics where wearable devices can simplify the workflow and offer a more convenient alternative to former practices.


Bioservo will present modern robot technology with SEM™ (Soft Extra Muscle), their patented muscle strengthening technology to increase the body’s everyday power and functions – be it at the workplace, in leisure or everyday life.

Bimeo, a sensor based rehabilitation device connected with virtual reality for patients after stroke and other impairments of the upper limbs will be showcased by Kinestica. You can use the device at home or at the hospital and the gamification approach of the exercises keeps you motivated.


TMG will exhibit their TMG™ Functional Muscle Strain Diagnostics which can determine the extent of injury-induced dysfunction and the muscle’s remaining function capacity. It can compare those with the uninjured contralateral muscle to help to monitor early phase recovery and set a baseline and safe rehabilitation goals. So doctors can see how muscle function is affected and which safety limits apply in rehabilitation.

Rehab Robotics‘s Hand of Hope – an EMG-driven hand rehabilitation device for stroke patients. The award-winning technology helps stroke survivors relearn how to move the affected hand using their own muscle signals.

Rehab Robotics

In Emergency situations, every minute counts…

We are happy to announce that Evena Medical will reveal their Eyes_On Glasses 3.0 at our joint booth at 11.00 AM on November 16. The new EOG-3 is more compact, more sophisticated, and more effective than other offerings and one of the first healthcare applications of smart glasses commercially available on a global scale. With the hands-free device, you can quickly and easily locate and access the best veins for each patients – even in challenging environments.

Evena Medical

Spintower presents another solution which can help to save precious time. D.A.R.V.I.N. enables doctors and ambulance at the place of accident to work more effectively and faster for the best result. The headset with a microphone for voice communication, a camera and touch screen collect information directly at the point of the accident and offer the team the opportunity to exchange information via an encrypted connection. Problems can be solved in real-time. D.A.R.V.I.N can be connected with endoscopes, infrared cameras, measuring tools, sensors and many more.


Health Monitoring

BodyTel offers both products and services for patients as well as solutions and services for customers of the medical industry. They have developed a comprehensive monitoring and management system for chronic illnesses providing patients and persons authorized by patients with the most up to date and precise information possible about the patient. Decisions about the changes of treatment can thus be made more quickly, secondary illnesses can be minimized, and quality of life can be improved. At MEDICA, they will present GlucoTel – their diabetes device, and the platform.


WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup finalist Biovotion will present their platform offering solutions for unrestricted, continuous monitoring of patients post-event or with chronic conditions – both hospital based and for patient home monitoring. Their solution consists of the device, the monitor and the cloud. The device can measure several functions all at the same spot – the upper arm, e.g. heart rate, respiratory rate, energy expenditure, stress, cutaneous water / sweat, blood glucose,…


Cloud DX’s VITALITI™ Platform includes a wearable viral sign monitor that continuously streams blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, oxygen and body temperature to the cloud for up to 72 hours, an upgraded Pulsewave® blood pressure station, their in-vitro diagnostic suite that measures seven minute blood or urine samples and the VITALITI™ mobile software application that ties it all together. Worn around the neck diagnoses fifteen separate medical conditions, ranging from pneumonia and UTI to stroke.

Cloud DX

Our long-term partner CSEM is a private, non-profit Swiss company for applied research, including technology, strategy and innovation consulting, focused on generating value for a sustainable world. The company will present their high-class technologies such as ultra-low power chipset, dry electrodes, optical modules and cooperative sensors for sensing and monitoring body vital signs which can be integrated in any kind of wearable.

With Empatica’s “embrace watch” and “E4 Wristband”you can monitor physiological stress, arousal, sleep and physical activity and send on-wrist notifications to the wearer. The device can also be used for people that live with epilepsy. It  can detect an event and inform the caregiver.


VivoSensMedical’s OvulaRing is the first in-body wearable ovulation tracker and combines all diagnostic methods (e.g. measuring basal body temperature) currently avalable on the market to determine the best time for conception.

Ovula RingWe hope you do not miss the chance to talk to our co-exhibitors in hall 15A23 in a few days. If you missed our other two exhibitor overviews, you can have a look at them here and here.


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