CES 2016 Favorites

WT | Wearable Technologies Princess Ayliffe Brown is currently at CES in Las Vegas. Here some of her discoveries:

  • Ashley Chloe's Helix Cuff at CES 2016

Wearable Tech’s Favorites 2016

Say goodbye to all language barriers! With the ili is a voice translation device that’s now possible! It translates your words instantly in a touch without connecting to the internet. See how it works:

Just right for the ski season comes the Smart Ski Airbag Vest by In&motion realized together with brand partner POC. The vest detects falls and inflates in less than 100 milliseconds to protect the most sensitive areas before the impact on the ground.

Favorite Wearable Toy at the show! With the Star Wars Force BandTM by Sphero you can control and interact with your favorite from Star Wars BB-8 in a brand new way. See yourself!

News from Old Friends: Patches, Wearable Payments and Fitness Ecosystems

After their first product that was targeted at kids and measured temperature VivaLnk announced the Vital Scout at CES. The wearable patch can monitor physical and mental health.

MC10 teamed up with L’Oreal and unveiled the My UV Patch at the show in Las Vegas. The product is a stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure that communicates with a mobile app via NFC. L’Oreal Group’s dermatological skincare brand, La Roche-Posay will introduce My UV Patch.

MasterCard announced a partnership with Coin to bring MasterCard payments to a wide array of fitness bands, smart watches and other wearable devices. Atlas Wearables, Moov, and Omate, are the first set of companies implementing the payment technology in their products.

Under Armour unveiled the an entire connected fitness product portfolio and app experience, designed to make athletes better, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The line of devices includes UA HealthBox™, the self-proclaimed world’s first Connected Fitness system, UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped, the brand’s first smart shoe, and two models of wireless headphones. The connected fitness products are powered by the company’s health and fitness platform UA Record™. Under Armour is also announcing strategic partnerships with two leading global brands: HTC and HARMAN International Industries.

They are back!

The controversial wearable GoBe is back. The new model is thinner, lighter and made of new materials. To provide better Bluetooth connectivity the aluminium casing has been replaced with plastic also to make the device weigh less. A new accelerometer will offer more accurate activity tracking and the charging port is easier to access. Let’s see how version 2 will be perceived by consumers.

You may think what you want about Samsung’s smartwatches but the three Creative Lab (C-Lab) projects Samsung Electronics  announced at CES 2016 are pretty exciting. C-Lab is one of Samsung’s innovation programs and showcases the projects WELT – a healthcare belt that helps people manage their waist size by measuring their daily habits and behaviors, rink – a hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices, and TipTalk – a new user experience (UX) that enables users to hear sounds, transmitted through their own body.

Crazy Wearables at CES

We featured crazy wearables before – and we have loads of nerd love for them in fact! Here is our favorite crazy one from CES this year:

The new hands-free HairMax LaserBand 82 by HairMax designed by Pininfarina. The device delivers nourishing laser light (82 medical-grade lasers) to the scalp of the wearer to energize hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Treatment time is 90 seconds, 3 times a week and the devices is clinically proven as well as FDA cleared. See it in action!

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