Waterproof Wearables are Approved by Swimmers

If you like swimming you are probably wondering why there are not many wearables waterproof enough to improve your trainings. It is a challenge to find devices that can withstand water for a long time. But, WT has the answers for below are a list of specifically made wearables for swimmers! 

Swimmerix is a swim tracker, designed to improve your trainings and help reach your goals. Seamless wireless communication between the waterproof wristband and portable base station tracks your performance. Real-time feedback is pushed to your wristband in the form of clear, color-coded instructions. The mobile app provides real-time and historical insight into your progress to you and your trainer. Swimmerix informs you in real-time about your physical condition, speed, SWOLF, number of strokes and laps, duration of the training, calories burned per workout/session and your heartbeat, from beginner to experienced professional. All data is stored securely in the cloud and accessible from your mobile device.

Fit Arc Reflex is a swimming device that detects different swimming styles and takes records of each lap speed, lap stroke, distance, time and calories without any setting. It has a water sensor that activates once you jump into the water. It distinguishes between different swim styles including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly stroke.

Misfit partnered with Speedo to launch an activity tracker specially made for swimmers. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, Speedo Shine is waterproof up to 50 meters (like the original Misfit Shine) and has special swim tracking capabilities. It tracks a swimmer’s lap count and swim distance with accuracy, while keeping track of your stroke types. Speedo Shine tracks walking, running, cycling, and automatically tracks light and deep sleep. The device can be worn on the wrist or as a clip almost anywhere on the body.

Xmetrics is another activity tracker for swimmers with ergonomic design, real-time audio feedback while you are swimming, and back-of-head positioning. Its technology combines biomechanical sensors with advanced algorithms. After training detailed data-driven analysis allows you to maximize your real potential. Just fix it on your goggle straps and swim! XMetrics is designed for all swimmers, there are two devices depending on your performance level, the Xmetrics Pro (for competitive athletes and masters) and Xmetrics Fit (for those who want to keep improving and stay fit). XMetrics FIT supports you as a proper virtual coach, allowing you to enjoy your swimming time in the pool, without the distraction of keeping track of timing of laps and Xmetrics PRO gives you the highest accuracy in the performance tracking, without interfering with your swimming style. XMetrics tracks the efficiency of your swimming style and identifies specific areas in your technique that need to be improved for better performance. The PRO model enables you and your coach to flexibly create detailed training programs, and monitor progress through the advanced analytics of every training session.

Finis is a company which specializes in swimming gear, from swimsuits to MP3s for swimming! The Finis Duo is an MP3 player designed for swimmers without the use of ear buds.  The Duo utilizes a sleek, two-piece design and Bone Conduction audio transmission to deliver audio through cheekbones to the inner ear.  An integrated clip design secures the Duo to goggle straps that rest on the cheekbones, thus creating a comfortable and streamlined fit.  A simplified interface offers four buttons to easily navigate between songs, podcasts, audiobooks and other supported audio files to boost you while swimming! The Finis Aqua Pulse Heart Rate Monitor tracks your current heart rate. Slip the AquaPulse inside your goggle strap, attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and start swimming. Using an infrared sensor to monitor capillary blood flow, your heart beat is detected through your earlobe. The heart rate is then audibly communicated to you in real time, where the information is transmitted directly to your inner ear via Bone Conduction Technology. The heart rate announcements are made regularly in 10-second, 20-second, 30-second, 45-second, 1-minute, 2-minute or 5-minute increments.

Garmin has developed a wide range of sports products. Garmin Swim is a watch that detects your stroke type automatically. A slim profile allows it to glide through the water. Garmin Swim tracks lengths, strokes, distance and more. Upload workouts to Garmin Connect and view time, pace and efficiency.

Instabeat was a finalist of the WT IWC 2013/2014 for the Sports & Fitness category. Instabeat is a swimming monitor with real-time feedback, a waterproof device, attachable to conventional swimming goggles. It tracks, stores and displays real time performance information. This data allows swimmers to optimize their training by monitoring their heart rate, the amount of calories burned and recording their performance zones.

From professional swimmers to the ones that want to stay fit or only swim for fun, there is a waterproof activity tracker for you! There is still a long way to go until we have most of the trackers truly waterproofed and as well more devices focused on swimmers but in the meantime we have a few to choose from!