Discreet, Wire-free and App-Controlled Heated Base Layer Promises to Keep You Warm and Stylish this Winter

SKIINCore heated base layer

You can’t stand the cold but also hate bundling up. So, what can you do to stay warm this winter? Not to worry, SKIINCore is here. Designed by a team of engineers in Canada, this “smart” clothing can be controlled using a smartphone.

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SKIINCore is the new smart, discreet and wire-free heated base layer that keeps men and women warm in all the right places while ensuring flexibility and style.

“Living in Canada, we know what it’s like to deal with the cold, and through our research into textile computing we discovered a way to transfer heat through the very fibers of everyday fabrics,” said SKIINCore’s Product Manager Hin Fan “The result is SKIINCore, which is a 100-percent, wire-free heated base layer that learns your optimal temperature the more you wear it and automatically adapts to deliver heat at your optimal temperature.”

SKIINCore features a conductive yarn to deliver impressive 18 watts of heating power from a sleek battery that snaps into the elegant docking station strategically placed at the midsection, so wearers will barely feel it – and generating heat an impressive eight hours when set on its lowest settings, said a press release.

“It also features machine-learning capabilities, using an accelerometer, body temperature, and outside temperature so SKIINCore learns and automatically adapts to your ideal temperature over time across any range of activities,” Fan said. “It’s also designed to deliver heat only to the areas where you need it most and allows you to stay warm while maintaining your unique style. In short, SKIINCore provide users with the flexibility to layer, hide or wear their base layer loud and proud.”

The yarn connects to a 56g battery that holds 18 watts of heating power – enough to keep the fabric warm for up to eight hours.

SKIINCore heated base layer

The battery comes with a USB-C port so wearers can also use it to charge their phone.

“Stretch it, touch it, and wash it—we guarantee you won’t be able to tell where the thread ends and the tech begins. We knit our tech (including the heating elements!) right in between the sweat-wicking synthetic inner layer and the heat-trapping wool outer layer,” the company said.

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Features include

  • A 100-percent wire-free soft technology. With knitted tech designed with the heating elements right in between the sweat-wicking synthetic inner layer and the heat-trapping wool outer layer.
  • Intelligent heat that adapts to each wearer. When the temperature drops the base layer will automatically switch on and turns off when it senses the wearer’s body is about to get too warm. It senses when the user is moving and learns to adapt to the user’s lifestyle the more it is worn.
  • Targeted heating, insulation and ventilation zones. Providing heat only to the areas on the body that are most sensitive to cold – the person’s core, hands, thighs, and feet – and avoiding those areas that tend to get sweaty like the chest and back.
  • Articulating joints. Ribbed on the outside and smooth on the inside, the design ensures the user stays comfortable with material that stays in place and never bunches.
  • Charging port. The battery plays double duty with a USB-C outlet, so the wearer can charge a phone when they are on the go, even while it’s powering the base layer
  • 100-percent machine washable

Just launched on Kickstarter, SKIINCore is available for an exclusive price of $530 (MSRP $810), the top only for $270 (MSRP $400), or the bottom only for $280 (MSRP $410). Available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

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