SCOR Global Life Partners with Garmin Health in Asia Pacific to Improve Underwriting

SCOR Garmin Health
Image: Garmin

SCOR Global Life, a division of the France-based international life and health subsidiary of reinsurer SCOR, has partnered with wearable technology provider Garmin Health in the Asia Pacific region to improve its underwriting insights and promote better lifestyle choices for consumers.

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SCOR said it will enable insurers to have a more accurate assessment of an individual’s biological age, minimizing their risk and purchase cycles while delivering competitive pricing.

The partnership will also enable SCOR to build a more accurate assessment of an individual’s biological age model (BAM), minimizing their risk and purchase cycles while delivery competitive pricing, reports Reinsurance News.

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“We are excited about the Garmin collaboration as it underscores the real value of BAM by a leader in the wearables industry,” said Vincent Lepez, Asia-Pacific deputy CEO at SCOR Global Life. “We are starting the year strong with two project launches, one in China (JD China) and one in Malaysia (Hong Leong Assurance), and we will be continuing this momentum in the coming months by bringing more BAM and Garmin products into several markets across the region. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing BAM mirrors our passion to help people lead healthier lives.”

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Joern Watzke, director global business development at Garmin Health, added: “Garmin Health is excited to work with a globally recognized reinsurance company like SCOR Global Life that shares the commitment to improve customers’ health and bring innovative digital health solutions to the market.”

“Combining the health data from Garmin wearables with the analytical capabilities of BAM creates a powerful solution for both insurance companies and their customers.”

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